New Dynamics GP Features

New Dynamics GP Features Included in “GP Next

In October 2019, Microsoft added 38 new features, in their release called “GP Next.”

System Enhancements

· Supports SQL 2019

· Supports Windows Server 2019

· Supports Office 2019

· SmartList add Date options

· Sort companies in User Access

· Search option in User Access

· Filter Inactive users in User Access Setup

· More than 32 Report Options in Report Group

Financial Enhancements

· Long Description for Payables Transaction Entry

· Expand Display for Fiscal Period Setup

· Display User who posted the Journal Entry Inquiry

· Add Class ID to Fixed Asset Transfer

· Document Attach available in Bank Reconciliation

· Visual Cue for EFT Vendor on Edit Payment Batch

· Show Check Number in Apply Sales Doc Window

· Payroll option to Not include Additional Withholding

· Payables integration to Payroll Enhancement

· Deduction/Benefit Quick Assignment functionality

· Exclude Inactive Records for HR benefit and Deduction lookups

· Employment History reason for change for all dates

· Payroll Reprint Pay statements by Audit Code

Workflow Functionality

· User Security Workflow

· User Workflow

· Security Roles Workflow

· Security Tasks Workflow

· Import Workflow

· Export Workflow

· Change Approver for active Workflow Task

· Vendor Approval Workflow submit on Hold or Doc Attach

Top Feature Requests

· Copy Report Option

· Filter Item Stock Inquiry by Date

· Exclude Inactive Items on Item Price List

· Minimize transaction when Go To is selected for PO that exists

· Save setting for Display new PO per user

· Inactive field added to Item SmartList

· Display User ID in Item Master Table

· Excel Paste in Web Client

· Make History Drop down default to most recent year

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