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        Business Central Online Training Learning Paths

Learning Path Sell items and services.pn
Learning Path work like a pro.png
Learning Path Deploy and Configure.png

    Sell items and services

Work like a pro

with data

   Deploy and configure


Learning Path Return Items.png

Return items

Learning Path Assemble Items.png
Learning Path Set up for Reporting.png
Learning Path Purchase Items and Service

     Assemble items

Purchase items and services

Set up for reporting




Learning Path Get Started with Trade.png

Get started with trade

Learning Path Replenish Items.png
Learning Path Get Started .png
Learning Path Process VAT.png
Learning Path work with the interface.pn

Replenish items


  Get started



Process VAT



Work with the user interface



Learning Path Process Finanical Periodic
Learning Path use multiple currencies.pn
Learning Path post sales and purchase in
Learning Path Process Customer and Vendo

  Process financial 

  periodic activities


Use multiple currenices



Post sales and purchase




Process customer and vendor payments



Learning Path use cost accounting.png
Learning Path creat financial reports.pn
Learning Path Reconcile Bank Accounts.pn

Use cost accounting


Create financial reports


Reconcile bank accounts



Learning Path use Journals.png

Use journals


Learning Path set up financial managemen

Set up financial management




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